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Cozy and Cute Fall Style

23 Nov

Knit Hat- H&M –

Blouse- Flea Market in Copenhagen

Jeans- Banana Republic-

Boots- Banana Republic-

Watch- Pandora-

Bracelets- Pandora –


Fall Lake Day

23 Nov

Hat-Flea Market in Copenhagen

Scarf-Flea Market in Copenhagen

Leather Jacket: BeBe-

Black Dress: Banana Republic-

Over the Knee Boots: Famous Foot Wear –

Loving Lace

25 Aug

Lee Anne is wearing a bohemian style lace dress with brown wedges. This outfit was worn on a Sunday for brunch!

Dress- Forever 21

Shoes- Off Broadway Shoes

Purse- H& M

Bracelet- Pandora

Street Chic in Copenhagen

24 Aug

While Lee Anne was visiting Scarlett on her Spring Break in Copenhagen she realized the weather wasn’t exactly “Spring Break” weather. She ended up packing lots of jeggings, jackets and scarfs. She would usually start her base with a layer of thick jeggings or skinny jeans paired with a long tank top and would layer with cute sweaters and jackets. The sisters found getting ready in the morning was such a fun part of the day. In Denmark everyone walks or bikes everywhere- so to keep warm everyone wears cute scarfs. The sisters loved to try on different scarfs that accomapnied different outfits. Scarfs on Spring Break are the new bikinis on Spring Break! 

Jacket- Banana Republic-

Jeggings- Banana Republic-

Scarf- H&M-

Boots- Target-

Shades- Knock-Off Sunglass Stand in the Mall St Matthews in Louisville, KY  –

Hat- Flea Market in Copenhagen

Euro Chef

24 Aug

Since Scarlett has moved to Copenhagen she has realized she had better start cooking, since its way more expensive to go out to eat in Copenhagen, compared  to the states. Here she is wearing a cute, but cozy outfit that is perfect for cooking up a nice dinner for a few friends to come over have a nice dinner and a relaxing night together.  

Sweater- Flea Market in Copenhagen

Scarf- H&M –

Leggings- Toj & Sko-

Legwarmers- Forever 21-

Slippers- Target-

Summer and Boots!

24 Aug

On this night the sisters, Lee Anne and Scarlett were actually together in Lousville, KY- where Lee Anne is lives. Lee Anne decided on a cute summer white dress paired with adorable brown boots. Who said boots weren’t for the summer? We think they look adorable, and they  are comfortable too!

Dress- Forever 21-

Bag– Forever 21-

Boots– Pac Sun –

A Night Out in Paris

24 Aug

 In this photo Scarlett has just finished a lovely French Dinner in Paris with her husband’s family. She is now heading out for a night on the town. This outfit is cute, stylish and will give you just the confidence you need in such a fashionable city!


Jacket- Vintage Shop in Copenhagen

Boots- Newport News-